Higher Education in Malaysia covers Certificate, Diploma, undergraduate levels as well as postgraduate studies. Undergraduate studies consist of Bachelor's Degree levels and professional while the postgraduate studies consist of the Master's Degree and Ph.D levels.


Higher education at Certificate and Diploma levels are for students with SPM (which is equivalent to GCSE 'O' level) while the Bachelor's degree level is usually for students with postsecondary qualifications such as the STPM (which is equivalent to GCE 'A' level) or Pre-University / University Foundation qualifications. These degree programmes normally take between 3 to 5 years. After obtaining their Bachelor's degree qualifications students can proceed further to do postgraduate studies.


Students applying to the following institution types will be required to apply through EMGS. EMGS is the only approved gateway for students who want to study in the institution types listed below. The requirements are slightly different depending on the type of institution that you are applying to. Please select the relevant type of institution for more information.

Academic progression

If you have graduated from one level of study and you would like to move on to a higher level, EMGS provides you an easy channel to do so.


New Applications include progression from one course to another upon completion. For example if you want to study a Diploma at a private higher education institution you need a Student Pass. Once you complete that Diploma and wish to progress to a Degree Course you will need to apply for a New Student Pass.


You cannot convert the old student pass or carry on studying on a different course on the previous student pass. This is because the Student Pass issued contains details of the specific course you are registered on studying on a different course or at a different institution would be contrary to the terms of your Student Pass and mean you are in breach of immigration rules.