Postgraduate Degree programmes in Malaysia (both the taught-course and research based) are abundant in choice and are offered at very competitive fees.

  • Government-Funded Public Universities which offer Research-based Qualifications

  • Private Colleges, which offer foreign postgraduate qualifications in collaboration with overseas partner universities in the USA, UK and Australia

  • Private universities, which offer home-grown postgraduate coruses

  • Branch Campuses of Foreign Universities (UK and Australia), which offer International-rated Qualification

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Where can I pursue Postgraduate studies in Malaysia?
  • You can acquire an identical foreign university degree qualification from any of the 4 branch campuses set up by Foreign Universities.

  • You can also acquire internationally recognized foreign degree qualifications from the Private Colleges that conduct ‘3+0’ programmes where the entire 3-year degree course of the foreign partner university, is done in Malaysia.

  • Malaysia universities’ home grown qualifications are also well accepted by many countries.

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What types of Bachelor’s degree qualification are available in Malaysia?

The general acceptable qualification for entering year 1 of a Bachelor’s degree programme is 12 years of education (eg. GCE A-levels) and be proficient in the English language.

The medium of instruction in private higher educational institutions in Malaysia is English.

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What is the entry requirement to study a Bachelor’s degree in Malaysia?
Are students allowed to stay on in Malaysia to work full-time after completion of study?

No, unless you have a professional work pass from the Immigration Department. All graduates are encouraged to go back to their homeland to serve their nations.

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International students are allowed to do part-time jobs for a maximum of 20 hours per week in some designated sectors during their semester break while studying full-time in Malaysia, subject to immigration requirements.

Are students allowed to work part-time while studying in Malaysia?

Yes, most of the private higher educational institutions have some form of financial assistance for those academically excellent students.

We also provide scholaships for international student such as :

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Is there financial assistance or scholarship award available?