The Malaysian education system is largely modelled on the British education system. Most public higher education institutions use the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system whilst others use the grade system. Below are some of the assessment methods available.

Academic year

The academic year differs from one institution to another. Each university has its own timetable, but generally, the year is split into three semesters/trimesters of 12 weeks each, with a two-week break during the semester, and a longer six-week break in the middle of the year.

The university year generally begins in late February or early March and ends in October. Most courses are ‘full year’ courses, but some courses can be completed in just one semester. It is sometimes possible to start university in July.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday, with libraries and some other support services open on weekends. Examinations are sometimes conducted on a Saturday.

Various universities also offer weekend classes for those who are working. Some conduct ‘summer school’ courses from November to February, allowing students to complete their degrees within a shorter time.