Student pass applications for courses less than twelve (12) months that are approved by ministry of higher education ('short courses')

International students who wish to study at private institutions of higher education on short courses (courses with a duration of less than twelve (12) months and approved by the Ministry of Education ('MOE') are also able to apply for a Student Pass.

All Student Pass applications are processed through EMGS. Once the education institution approves the student’s application they can apply for the Student Pass.


  1. EMGS Student Pass Application Fee

    • RM500 for courses with a course length of six (6) months and below

    • RM1,000 for courses with a course length of more than six (6) months

  2. Immigration Fees e.g. Student Pass and multiple entry visa

  3. Medical Screening Fee of RM250

    • Medical & Health Insurance Premium is available through EMGS, however, students can opt to purchase health insurance directly through their institutions. For more information on Medical and Health Insurance, please click here.

      THE FOLLOWING IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR INSURANCE PURCHASED THROUGH EMGS – We assume that the date of entry is 30 days before the student pass date. This is because most students will want to arrive at least a few weeks before any course start date. Therefore if you are taking a course that runs for less than 12 months the insurance premium you purchase will cover you for an additional month. For example; a 6 month course will require an insurance premium of 7 months. In the event that you enter the country more than 30 days before student pass start date, you will be required to pay for any insurance premium differential as you are required to be insured for the duration of your student pass.

      You can apply for a refund of the insurance premium in the event of early termination of your student pass (ONLY APPLICABLE IF PURCHASED THROUGH EMGS). In such circumstances EMGS will require a copy of the shortened Student Pass and any refund will be pro-rated in the event that that there have been no claims made. For more information on Medical and Health Insurance, please click here.