Students who have received offer letters from Public Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTS) will have the option to apply for their student Visa directly through the Education Malaysia website. The application can also be done through the institution as per the current process.


The online process is only applicable for new applications for students. There are no changes to the process of Progression, Variation, Conversion or Renewal applications. These types of applications will continue to be made only by the institutes to EMGS as per the current process.


Before you apply, bear in mind the following:

1. You can only apply online AFTER you have received your Offer Letter from the university/college

2. Only students from Public Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTS) will have the option to apply

3. Please read our guide to understand how to fill out the application form


The student pass will be issued for the entire period of study. The revised application process and fees will comprise of the following:

  • With effect from 1st April 2016, the EMGS processing fee for all new applications will be calculated for the entire course duration.


  • The iKad will be issued for the entire duration of the course. Consequently, the fee will also be charged for entire course duration. For example, if the course is 3 years, iKad fee will be RM150 (RM50/per year x 3 year course) + GST 6%.


  • The insurance fee is payable on a yearly basis (inclusive of 6% GST) for students who have opted to procure insurance through EMGS. Institutes are required to renew the student’s insurance policy if obtained through EMGS on a yearly basis.


  • The issuance of the student pass is subject to the passport validity. In a situation where your passport validity is less than the course duration, the student pass will be issued based on the passport validity.


  • Current students applying for renewal of their student passes will be issued with a student pass covering the remaining period of study.